Investor-focused servicing that leverages proven best practices
tailored to fit your unique investment philosophy.

Statebridge’s risk-based servicing introduces an adaptive approach designed to optimize investor success through tailored, high-touch servicing that maximizes return on performing and non-performing loans.

Smarter Risk-Based Servicing

Maximizing your return

• Default management
• Loan administration
• Loan level analysis
• Pool level analysis
• Asset & credit-based decision models

High Touch Special Servicing

Unique combination of services

Statebridge’s unique combination of technology, deep industry experience, and custom investor interaction makes a significant difference in the performance of mortgage portfolios. Solutions include due diligence, servicing, valuation, data analytics and REO.

Built Upon Experience

New adaptive approach

Developed by the team that helped create the market for independent surveillance of mortgage backed securities — an undertaking that required an investor’s perspective, a new outlook on servicing and a macro view of the markets.