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We’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions related to the servicing of your mortgage loan.

When Statebridge transfers a loan to another party or servicer, this will show the loan as transferred with a zero balance on your credit report which can have an affect on credit scoring. When the new servicer opens a new account under them, this will offset any negative credit reporting that resulted from the transferring of your loan. If you do not see reporting from your new servicer, please contact them for updates to your account.

For more information please feel free to refer to the following Metro 2 guides on ‘How should accounts that have been purchased from another company be reported?’

FAQ 47: How should accounts that have been purchased from another company be reported?

FAQ 48: How should accounts that have been purchased from another company be reported?

If you are currently in an active bankruptcy, please mail payments directly to:

Statebridge Company
6061 South Willow Drive
Suite 300S
Greenwood Village, CO. 80111

Please use the following instructions to forward funds to Statebridge Company


For Loan Payments, Payoff and Vendor Refunds/Payments


Account Name: Statebridge Company C Collections

  • Please be advised that the account name is required in order to process wires correctly

Account Number: 2080151
Bank Routing (ABA) Number: 102102013
Bank Name and Address: NBH, 1111 Main St. Suite 2800 | Kansas City, MO 64105


Originator to Beneficiary/Reference:

For loan payment/payoff, reference Loan Number, Loan Name, Loan Address, and Phone Number

If 1-time wire, please include as much information as possible so that we can process it swiftly and correctly.

Wire backup information should be sent to: [email protected]

If you would like to make a payment you can do so from our Online Payment portal: https://apps.statebridgecompany.com/ILSWeb/

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Various criteria must be met to qualify for a loan modification. To learn about your options, please call a loss mitigation representative at (866) 466-3360.

You can make an online payment by proceeding to our Payment Portal.

  • If you are a first-time user click on the I am a new user button.
  • Fill out the New User Registration form
  • Proceed to select your username, password and security image.
  • Once complete you will be able to view your loan information and make a payment.
  • Be sure to store your information securely so you can use this information for future sign-in’s.

The transfer and sale of mortgages is common in the mortgage industry. It fulfills the need of investors and makes funds available for other home buyers.