Mortgage Servicer Statebridge Announces Hire of Slate of Executives

Statebridge ”), a leader in residential mortgage servicing, announced today that it has hired four key executives as part of its growth strategy. The four executives are:

  •  Garrett Groman – VP of Servicing & IT Operations
  •  Jami Ignaz – VP of Investor Accounting and Investor Reporting
  •  Aaron Kehn – VP of Borrower Facing Operations
  •  Alicia Seitz – VP of Non Borrower Facing Operations and Performing Loan Servicing

The new executive team will be responsible for both the continuation of Statebridge’s special servicing business and its diversification into agency servicing.

Each member of the executive team has extensive experience in the servicing industry and brings a passion for leadership and excellence in their respective areas.

“It is exciting to be in a position to attract such talent” said Kevin Kanouff, CEO of Statebridge. “It is the natural evolution of a company like Statebridge to add senior talent to work with Jay to take us to the next level” said Kanouff.

Statebridge’s President and Chief Operations Officer, Jay Memmott said about the new hires: “I’m so excited to see that Garrett, Aaron, Alicia, and Jami have made individual decisions to join Statebridge. With their skills and industry experience there is no limit to what we can achieve as a united leadership team.”

Since its founding in 2008, Statebridge has been one of the fastest growing special servicers in the industry. Statebridge management plans to build on that success by diversifying its servicing offerings to include GSE-backed loans.