331 Toto Rd

Weatherford, TX 76088

REO Status: Coming Soon

REO Current List Price: NULL

REO Listing Broker: Marty Gray

  • Phone: 817-300-7653
  • Email:

Disclosure: REO Homes are homes that have been foreclosed. The homes displayed on this site are subject to change at any moment. Please contact the Listing Broker for the latest information on the homes and how to purchase. All properties are sold As IS In Present Condition. Please see the Sellers Counter Offer & Addendum for conditions.

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  1. Scott Terry
    Scott Terry says:

    I tried to get info on this property from the broker, and he said this property was sold to a neighbor. This was a month or more ago, and Im curious if this listing is still here, before a price was generated, then how accurate it your listings? It would seem like there was a bit of skullduggery or collusion involved to where this was sold before a price could be generated on your listings.

    Scott Terry

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