Mortgage Servicing Fees

This schedule provides general information regarding common non-state specific fees that could be assessed to your mortgage loan account. It is not a comprehensive list of all charges, costs, or other amounts that could be assessed.

Fees vary depending upon your loan status, the terms of your note, and applicable legal and investor requirements. This schedule is provided for informational purposes only.

Phone Pay Fee – $0 – $15
This fee is charged to borrowers who call Statebridge to make a payment over the phone.

Web Pay Fee – $0 – $5
This fee is charged to borrowers when making a payment on the Statebridge website.

Web Pay Return Fee – $0 – $10
This fee is charged to borrowers if a web payment is returned due to a borrower entering information incorrectly.

Non-sufficient Funds (NSF) Fees – $10
This fee is charged when Statebridge receives notice that the borrower does not have sufficient funds in their account to cover the payment.

  • Important: For borrowers in Maryland, no NSF fees are charged.

Late fee – Calculated according to the terms of the note.